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Autocare owner drivers win in Victoria

Following weeks of action, Autocare drivers in Victoria have won their pay dispute while Port of Brisbane operators continue to struggle

The Victoria/ Tasmania branch of the Transport Workers’ Union (TWU) announces that owner drivers working for Autocare in Victoria have broken through to win pay increases following disputes with the company.

Victorian Autocare drivers parked up their trucks on the Thursday before the Easter weekend and stood their ground while arguing for a wage increase that aligned with recent inflation.

The TWU yesterday revealed that the Victorian workers were successful in their action, receiving variable wage increases that have satisfied their demands.

“Eventually Autocare came back and offered significant wage increases that range from four to 11 per cent inclusive of tolls,” a TWU spokesperson says.

“They also agreed to conditions surrounding further discussions or mechanisms to address any cost modelling issues in future.”

This pay increase now means Autocare drivers can cover their operational needs while also earning a living, according to the TWU.

In the newly negotiated contract between rural and metro drivers and Autocare itself, the TWU says drivers can now address any cost modelling issues arising over the lifespan of the contract instead of having to wait for its expiry.


“It’s a significant win for owner drivers,” the TWU says.

“After weeks of pain, we are proud of everyone for winning a remarkable outcome. Day in, day out throughout the dispute these members never gave up, even when the going got tough.”

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The TWU also offered an update on drivers in Queensland’s Port of Brisbane who are currently undergoing a similar dispute with Autocare.

According to the TWU, Autocare drivers will have a meeting with the company on Thursday to discuss a potential new offer.

Unfortunately for the TWU, the union can’t represent or negotiate on the drivers’ behalf in latest legislation, making it tougher for Port of Brisbane operators to successfully leverage for increased pay rates to coincide with Victoria’s win.

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