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Australian ports rank low on global container port index

The latest global Container Port Performance Index is out, with Australasian ports ranking low in the annual index

The latest global Container Port Performance Index (CPPI) has been revealed, with east and south-east Asian ports excelling in 2023 while Australian counterparts fell behind.

Ports from these Asian regions took up 13 of the top 20 places in the index, with the index developed by the World Bank and S&P Global Market Intelligence determining that Yangshan in south Shanghai, China is the world’s top performing port.

Oman’s Salalah Port and the Cartagena Port in Colombia rounded out the top three.

Nearby Australasian ports didn’t begin to come into the rankings until 289, with Port Moresby assuming the number.

Australian ports didn’t enter into the index until rank 311, with the Port of Melbourne coming in as Australia’s highest ranking port.

Port Botany wasn’t far behind at 324, while Brisbane was at 337 and Adelaide at 345.

New Zealand ports in Tauranga (347) and Auckland (350) were also around the same mark, showing that Australia’s ports don’t rank at the same level as many others around the globe in terms of container port performance.

The final Australian container port in Fremantle came in at 374 out of 405 ports in the rankings.

Both Yangshan and Salahah retained their top two spots from 2022 in 2023, with ports in Morocco and Malaysia staying steady to finish in the top five.

“While the challenges caused by the COVID-19 pandemic and its aftermath eased further in 2023, container shipping continues to be an unpredictable and volatile sector,” World Bank lead transport economist Martin Humphreys says.

“Major ports need to invest in resilience, new technology and green infrastructure to ensure the stability of global markets and the sustainability of the shipping industry.”

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