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Australian logistics company to open Chicago branch

The business is set to open a second US branch to expand its operations

Australian transport and logistics company Wiseman is aiming to establish a new cargo hub in Chicago as part of its latest stage of diversifying, integrating and expanding its business.

In this newest part of its strategy, Wiseman will aim to increase its global network to include 11 cities across five countries.

Following the successful opening of its Los Angeles hug in 2021, marking its first hub in North America, Wiseman is looking to create this new branch and capitalise on its momentum.

The company was also awarded an Indirect Air Carrier (IAC) certificate by the US Department of Homeland Security, Transportation Security Administration, enabling the company to deal with airlines directly and on preferential terms.

The establishment of the new branch is expected to be achieved under a $300,000 budget that will be funded while business-as-usual operating cash flows occur.

Wiseway says its steady revenues coming in from the US west coast can be replicated to boost growth across the region.

“The creation of this new branch will supercharge our expansion across the US, deliver supply chain efficiencies and provide further revenue synergies for our global network,” Wiseway executive chair Florence Tung says.

“This hub is expected to deliver sound revenues within its first year of operations and is easily expandable as business volumes increase.”

The board has decided to back Wiseway’s strategy, meaning the company will seek to sign contracts to obtain use of customs bonded and quarantine compliant secure warehousing facilities near Chicago’s primary airport.

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While doing this, it’ll also aim to obtain all necessary licensing and regulatory permits while beginning a process of recruitment for several full-time employees,

“This is the latest step in Wiseway’s journey from a simple air-exporter to an agile, dynamic and dependable logistics solutions provider which delivers synergies and cost-savings through our global network of interconnected business divisions,” Tong says.

“The creation of a cargo hub in Chicago will harness Wiseway’s already established relationships with US airlines and is expected to provide the foundations for further expansion across North America and the Asia Pacific – from where we expect the majority of growth in the global freight industry will come.”

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