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ATO may soften approach to driver travel claims

Preliminary view may lead to previous situation being accepted


The Australian Taxation Office’s (ATO’s) effort to properly address handling of truck driver travel claims after broad industry complaints may end up with a compromise position.

The National Road Transport Association (NatRoad) tells ATN progress is being made and there is a meeting this week with the ATO.

“We believe that we’ve been listened to and we believe that there will be a successful resolution to the matter by the end of the month,” a spokesperson says, though it is still very much early days.

The ATO’s preliminary view is that:

an employee truck driver that prefers to use last year’s meal-by-meal amounts approach can choose to use last year’s approach

an employee truck driver that prefers to use the Daily amounts approach outlined in this year’s determination can choose to use this year’s approach.  

“The process adopted by the ATO for consultation should be continued into future years,” NatRoad compliance and workplace relations adviser Richard Calver tells ATN.

“This will stop any surprises and criticism of the ATO that emerged this year about the reduction in the reasonable amount for truck drivers to claim without substantiation concerning a meal allowance.”


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