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ATA joins zero emission memorandum

The association joins truck companies in targeting zero-emission heavy duty vehicles

The Australian Transport Association (ATA) is the latest member to sign the global Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on zero-emission medium and heavy duty vehicles.

The MoU endorsing the ambition to introduce a widespread wave of zero-emission medium and heavy duty vehicles is aiming for 30 per cent of new heavy vehicles being zero emissions by 2030, with 100 per cent of heavy vehicles being zero emissions by 2040.

This goal of facilitating a net-zero carbon emissions heavy duty vehicle world by 2050 has recently been signed by the ATA.

The ATA joins truck companies Scania, Volta Trucks and Irizar as members to sign the MoU and pledge adherence to the targets.

The MoU was first introduced by the global commercial vehicle Drive to Zero, which acts as representatives of sub-national governments, businesses and other organisations with influence over the freight truck and transport industry.

The MoU focuses on accelerating the industry to transition into zero-emission vehicles as soon as possible, with each new member of the MoU working with other signing companies and associations to implement a sustainable transport future.

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All signing members will work together to overcome strategic, political and technical barriers, accelerate zero-emission vehicle production and deployment and increase investment in this technology to make the transition faster and more cost effective for everyone.

The ATA will help to specifically ensure heavy and medium duty vehicles in Australia begin the transition to zero-emission to align with the MoU’s targets.

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