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ATA allies reinforce industry diversity initiative

QTA, TTA and TruckSafe line up behind Teletrac Navman Driving Change Diversity Program


An initiative to celebrate and showcase diversity in trucking has received “overwhelming support” from industry members following its launch in December by the Australian Trucking Association (ATA) and Teletrac Navman, the proponents report. 

And ATA chair ATA chair Geoff Crouch has presented a social media call to arms to the industry to get behind the Teletrac Navman Driving Change Diversity Program, which is described as a “ground-breaking initiative that will celebrate industry diversity, develop diversity champions, and improve industry image”. 

The message is that diverse workplaces are better workplaces, and have proven benefits including:

  • increased productivity
  • competitive advantage
  • access to a greater range of talent.

Crouch points out that, while Australia was experiencing a big shift in the perception of transport, there was still a lot ground to cover when it came to diversifying the workplace. 

“The ATA, Teletrac Navman and our member associations are driving diversity change and working hard to create more inclusive, positive workplaces,” Crouch says. 

“Diverse workplaces are better workplaces, and it is time they are celebrated and embraced. 

“Workplace diversity’s proven benefits include increased productivity, access to a greater talent pool, competitive advantages, and the development of more inclusive, attractive workplaces

Participants in the 2020 Teletrac Navman Driving Change Diversity Program will learn how to create change and facilitate diversity in their workplace and community, share personal insights, develop a marketing campaign that showcases diversity within industry, and develop a strong professional network with like-minded individuals. 

Since launching nominations for the program in December, the ATA, its member associations –particularly the Queensland Trucking Association (QTA) and the Tasmanian Transport Association (TTA) – and TruckSafe have received overwhelming support for the program and interest from potential participants. 

Read how the initiative was launched late last year, here

QTA states that it looks forward to working with program participants “to make a difference in the industry”. 

“The Teletrac Navman Driving Change Diversity Program is opening up conversations with our members about what they are doing in their business to support diversity and how they can create cultural change to grow their workforce into future,” QTA CEO Gary Mahon says. 

TTA executive director Michelle Harwood sees the program as a great opportunity to showcase local diversity stories on a national scale. 

“The TTA understands the value of celebrating diversity in the workplace and have been proud to recognise initiatives and programs that improve workforce diversity in the industry through the annual Tasmanian Transport Industry Workforce Diversity Award, sponsored by TasRail,” Harwood says. 

“The Driving Change program further enables the industry to share local stories of diversity and shine a spotlight on the innovative approaches of our members to improve workforce diversity.”

Meanwhile, the ATA notes its safety accreditation scheme, TruckSafe, has received significant interest in the initiative from potential participants. 

“Our members understand the importance of diversifying the workforce and are keen to play a role in making real change in the industry,” ATA safety, health and wellbeing director Melissa Weller says. 

“Diversity is what makes us unique, whether it be someone’s age, gender, physical ability, sexual orientation or race.

“This program is about celebrating what makes us all different and how we can foster more inclusive workplaces.” 

Nominations for the Teletrac Navman Driving Change Diversity Program can be made through ATA member associations or TruckSafe.

Participants must be involved as an owner or employee in a trucking business that is a financial member of an ATA member association or TruckSafe.

A participant could also be a direct member of an ATA association that offers individual membership. 

Those seeking more information on how to participate ae urged to contact their ATA member association or visit

The Crouch video can be seen here.


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