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APAC delivery giant Shippit releases Insights delivery platform

Shippit has announced the release of its new commerce delivery platform ‘Shippit Insights’

Shippit has announced the release of its new commerce delivery platform ‘Shippit Insights’ 

Commerce delivery platform Shippit has launched a new program designed to provide customers with a more complete view of their shipping and delivery operations, named Shippit Insights. 

The release of the new program has come at a time where Shippit and Jarden research claims only price is more influential than delivery to consumers, and intense competition from the likes of international giants Amazon and Temu has ensured the need for a more complete post-purchase experience to retain customer loyalty. 

Shippit is currently used by more than 4000 retailers across the Asia Pacific region (APAC), and Shippit Insights will enable customers to identify efficiencies and cost-saving through access to over 250 actionable data points. 

Australian retail giant Baby Bunting is already using the tool to gain a better understanding of how their carrier network is performing and to break down performance to individual suburbs. 

Shippit chief product officer Inga Latham says the new program will enable clients to find cost-saving measures while simultaneously improving the experience for their own customers. 

“As economic pressures persist, unit economics are top of mind for retailers,” Latham says. 

“We’ve designed a solution that enables them to find new efficiencies and cost-savings, while also providing the delivery experiences that incentivise loyalty. 

“Through everything from advances fulfilment, carrier performance and carrier quote to cost, to fulfilment optimisation, freight dispersion and carrier allocations, we’re enabling our customers to transform the last mile and turn their challenges into their greatest advantage. 

“Our data and insights are already used by more than 4,000 retailers to optimise fulfilment, delivery and the post-purchase experience; enabling them to turn delivery into loyalty. 

“Now, through the launch of Shippit Insights, they’ll be able to create an even deeper, broader and clearer picture of their entire shipping and delivery operation.” 

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