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An entourage of electric trucks en route to DHL Freight

DHL Freight is looking to use Mercedes-Benz electric trucks throughout various German sites

DHL Freight has announced it has started receiving fully electric trucks from Mercedes-Benz Trucks as it looks to reduce emissions in its delivery and transport process.

At the start of the month, DHL Freight put its first fully electric tractor-trailers from Mercedes-Benz into service. Now, it has made an order for another eActros model to be deployed for delivery and distribution transport across its Koblenz and Hagen sites in Germany.

The Hagen truck will make sustainable round trips between the DHL branch and the Mercedes-Benz plant in Kassel, Germany.

The second eActros 300 truck will make carbon-free deliveries to customers in the Koblenz region.

With a maximum weight of 19 metric tonnes, these are DHL Freight’s first heavy battery electric tractor-trailers in Germany.

In line with the Group’s sustainability strategy, the plan is to increase the share of electric vehicles in the delivery fleet to 60 per cent and that of sustainable fuels within the DHL Group to more than 30 per cent.

“While we always emphasise that decarbonising transport requires the efforts of all players involved, it is something special when customers themselves supply the technology to reduce greenhouse gas emissions,” DHL Freight CEO Dr Thomas Vogel says.

“We are delighted about the partnership with Mercedes-Benz Trucks, which sees both partners taking another step toward attaining their sustainability targets.”

The vehicles are eActros 300 tractor-trailers that are each powered by two electric engines with a peak output of up to 400 kW. The trucks have a range of approximately 220 kilometres and, depending on the charging infrastructure, the battery can be recharged from 20 per cent to 80 per cent in about one hour and 15 minutes at a charging capacity of up to 160 kW.

“Our fully electric eActros 300 tractor-trailers are specially designed for regional distribution transport and are already capable of performing a wide range of conventional truck operations,” Mercedes-Benz Trucks inbound logistics network strategy and sustainability manager Oliver Berger says.

“We are pleased that the eActros 300 is now also helping to make local road freight transport carbon-free in our own site delivery operations.”

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