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Ampol works to deliver electric charging stations around Australia

Petroleum company Ampol is forging partnerships with EV manufacturer SEA Electric to create the electric charging infrastructure

Ampol is making industry history in Australia as it partners with Australian commercial electric vehicle manufacturer SEA Electric to support the transition of companies to zero-emissions commercial electric vehicle technology.

Through the partnership, the companies say they will be working together to develop flexible, sustainable and seamless charging options to support the uptake of lower emissions commercial vehicles in key parts of the transport sector.

The partnership will also focus on building an integrated charging solution for SEA Electric customers on the road at Ampol forecourts, at destinations and solutions at the workplace.

James Myatt, Ampol’s General Manager, Energy, says Ampol will work with SEA Electric and leverage its knowledge and strong relationships across industries to help support commercial vehicle owners’ decarbonisation goals.

“Ampol is evolving to provide a range of fast and reliable charging solutions. We know our business customers are looking for lower emissions solutions and want to ensure their investment in commercial electric vehicles can be supported with efficient and reliable charging technologies.

“Ampol is committed to developing an open access national charging network as well as home and business charging solutions to ensure vehicles can be on the road whenever needed,” says Myatt

For SEA Electric, it says the partnership provides flexible charging options for electric truck owners, with many Ampol customers moving into the EV space in cars and now with light trucks. The partnership will help reduce range anxiety for businesses looking to invest in electric trucks to reduce their emissions.

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“SEA Electric is proud to partner with Ampol on this project, as both companies lead the country in the transition to sustainable transport,” says Bill Gillespie, SEA Electric President, Asia Pacific Region.

“Through this collaboration, we are shining a light on the fact that electric powered truck fleets can be operationally flexible by accessing convenient charging infrastructure through the AmpCharge network.

“At SEA Electric, we are building an entire customer led ecosystem to simplify the transition to electrification, with a SEA Electric trained national dealer network for sales and service, full factory warranty, 24/7 support and roadside assistance, and a range of charging options at base or on the road.

“Ampol should be applauded for taking the lead with its future energy and mobility strategy, and we look forward to working together into the future on expanding the initiative,” says Gillespie.


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