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Allison Transmission enters into electric partnership

Allison is looking to provide transmissions for electric vehicles

Transmission manufacturer Allison Transmission is strategically partnering with battery-electric vehicle provider Xos to develop heavy-duty electric vehicle platforms.

Xos is a manufacturer and services provider of class five through to class eight battery-electric vehicles, powertrains, charging infrastructure and fleet management software.

The pair will jointly develop heavy-duty class seven and eight commercial electric vehicles.

In the partnership Allison will deliver the initial eGen Power e-Axle hardware for integration, validation and testing in the heavy-duty vehicle platforms, while Xos is designing and building the body to deliver additional power in the Xos vehicles throughout 2022.

“We’re honoured to partner with Aliison, a company that has a long history of innovation in the industry, on our common vision to improve the way the world works through dvancing commercial vehicle technology,” Xos chief operating officer Giordano Sordoni says.

“We believe that Allison’s differentiated e-Axle portfolio combined with its connectivity to fleet customers, established service channel and reputation for delivering reliability will allow Xos to accelerate our growth while enhancing the value we deliver to our customers.”

Allison expressed similar sentiments, saying it has been inspired by Xos’ work in the electric vehicle sector.

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