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Air freight volumes down; ‘no sign’ of recovery

Air freight volumes continue declines, with governments called on to relax market restrictions

Air freight volumes continue to fall amid the global recession, new figures reveal, with governments called on to relax market restrictions.

Global volumes were down 16.5 percent in June, a slight improvement from May where the sector experienced falls of more than 17 percent.

Airlines in the Asia-Pacific region recorded a 15.8 percent drop in June, slightly better than Europe and North America which reported 19.2 and 18.6 percent falls during the same period.

According to the Director-General and CEO of the International Air Transport Association (IATA), Giovanni Bisignani, air freight faces “challenging” times without government help.

“There are no signs of economic recovery,” Bisignani says.

“Other external risks are potentially great, including rising oil prices on demand.

“This crisis highlights the need for governments to replace outdated restrictions on ownership and market access with modern commercial freedoms. Quick action is needed.”

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