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AEC confirms Victorian and Tasmanian TWU leadership re-election

Victorian and Tasmanian TWU leaders have been re-elected for another four years

Transport Workers’ Union (TWU) Victorian/ Tasmanian Secretary Mike McNess and Assistant Secretary Mem Suleyman have welcomed another four-year term delivering strong wages, safe conditions and a secure future for road transport and aviation workers in Victoria and Tasmania.

The AEC, which oversaw the process, has now confirmed Mike McNess and Mem Suleyman’s reappointment, following a robust democratic election.

In road transport, McNess and Suleyman will use the next four years to build on the powerful workplace agreements won by workers next year, as well as working to address the Amazon effect threatening traditional transport through its exploitative business model.

TWU members recently welcomed a commitment from Workplace Relations Minister Tony Burke, acting on the unanimous push from a transport roundtable ahead of the recent Jobs and Skills Summit to empower the Fair Work Commission to set enforceable standards in transport. The newly elected team will work closely with other branches to get these life-saving reforms off the ground.

The team will also continue work to secure comprehensive safety and risk management systems for bus drivers, whose safety at work should be paramount, as well as ensuring proper amenities and secure jobs.

“TWU members have led the charge over the last four years during a tumultuous time for our industry. We welcome this result following a fair and robust election process, and we are privileged to be able to head the fight in Victoria and Tasmania for all transport workers across road transport and aviation,” McNess says.

“We’re looking forward to getting on with the job of improving the lives of transport workers and their families.”

Suleyman says: “We are humbled by this strong endorsement from the membership. Members have led a strong charge across aviation and road transport for a better industry and will continue to be front and centre as we work to lift standards for all workers.”

“I am incredibly grateful to the members who have shown every day that they will not relent in our mission towards a transport industry where all participants can thrive. We look forward to a term working with the membership towards life-changing reforms that are just on the horizon.”

TWU National Secretary Michael Kaine says the result showed members’ powerful endorsement for a union that will continue to deliver strong results.

“It’s been a tumultuous few years for transport workers, but the team headed by Mike McNess and Mem Suleyman has gone above and beyond to stand side-by-side with workers. We look forward to working together nationally to move towards a safer, fairer and more sustainable transport industry,” Kaine says.

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