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Advantia Transport Consulting launches new free online industry payload tool

The new free industry tool is designed to help heavy vehicle operators determine the Static Rollover Threshold of vehicle combinations

To help improve technology in the Australian heavy vehicle industry, Advantia Transport Consulting has launched its latest industry tool designed to calculate key payload data.

The new tool, Payload Pilot, was launched on May 1 and is an online tool that is freely available to calculate the Static Rollover Threshold (SRT) of any Performance Based Standards (PBS) and non-PBS vehicle combinations.

Advantia Transport Consulting says knowing the SRT of vehicles helps increase operational productivity, industry code of practice compliance and overall road safety.

Identifying a minimum SRT has been included in the draft Timber Transport Code of Practice as well as the National Transport Commission’s (NTC) Load Restraint Guide without offering guidance on how to determine a combination’s SRT.

This gap led Advantia to approach the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator (NHVR) about the free industry tool idea, with the NHVR fully supporting the project.

“Payload Pilot provides the freight industry, including small and medium businesses, with the tools to easily calculate their own SRT which complies with local road regulations, reducing rollover incidents and improving loading techniques by leveraging technology while increasing safety on the road for all users,” Advantia Transport Consulting managing director Victor Trumper says.

“Unlike other existing online SRT calculators currently available, Payload Pilot conducts real-time heavy vehicle simulations to provide its results, using the same software Advantia uses to conduct assessments under the NHVR’s Performance Based Standards scheme.”

The Payload Pilot works by identifying the maximum turn speeds of heavy vehicles so they can be safely manoeuvred, reducing accidents and increasing performance.

“The tool is accessible to anyone in the heavy vehicle industry including those without the technical knowledge of Performance Based Standards (PBS) and other similar requirements,” Advantia general manager Saizo Takeuchi says.

To find out more about Advantia’s Payload Pilot tool, click here. 

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