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ACFS Port Logistics operates new PBS approved super truck

ACFS Port Logistics had to seek special approval for this monster of a truck

At the Port of Brisbane, ACFS Port Logistics of Brisbane has announced it’s now operating a fleet of new PBS-approved Super-B Triple vehicles.

The vehicles, which are 42-metres long, have been approved to transport six TEU per trip.

The new trucks come after the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator (NHVR) approved the vehicles, with PBPL also consenting as the road manager, with the new vehicle now commencing operations on a defined route at the Port of Brisbane.

This follows what ACFS Port Logistics describes as “a substantial period of design, collaboration and trialling” with relevant logistics stakeholders to ensure all necessary safety and transport standards were met.

Now operating, the new vehicle will contribute to the ACFS Port Logistics emission reduction target through fewer truck movements and a more effective operating process.

This is the second Super-B Triple vehicle to operate within the Port of Brisbane on a defined route under strict conditions and controls.

ACFS Port Logistics says it now has bigger plans still to come at the Port of Brisbane.

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