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ACFS Port Logistics launches paperless entry initiative at Port Botany depot

ACFS Port Logistics says the launch of its latest initiative will help improve efficiency for operators and shipping lines

ACFS Port Logistics (ACFS) has officially transitioned its Port Botany container park facility into a 100 per cent paperless truck gate entry. 

Starting now, ACFS’ e-Depot will introduce optical camera recognition (OCR), license plate recognition (LPR) and CAMCO technology gate entry processing for trucks. 

ACFS says the camera technology will scan and read the truck registration on arrival before the CAMCO technology issues drivers with a ticket that indicates where to drop-off or pick-up containers. 

The port operator says truck turnaround times (TTT) will be reduced by 30 per cent while the site will be able to process trucks every five to 10 minutes per visit. 

With the new technologassisting in getting trucks processed more efficiently, ACFS says it will help reduce emissions and have trucks back on the road in a timely manner. 

ACFS says that this project adds to its list of initiatives and investments for its Better Way program along with its newly redeveloped empty container depot. 

ACFS says that it will continue to invest in facilities that provide the best possible service to both shipping lines and transport operators to ensure that efficiencies are being shared with all in the industry. 

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