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Access to driver information comes at a cost: SARTA

SARTA says trucking firms will have to act once police inform them of offences committed by drivers.


South Australia Police is finalising work on a new scheme to inform heavy vehicle operators about road safety offences committed by their drivers.

In a letter to the South Australian Road Transport Association (SARTA), SA Police Minister John Rau says his department supports disclosing information and is in the process of finalising procedures.

“The Police Commissioner has advised me that he supports the proposal that there is no regulatory impediment to implementation of the proposal,” Rau writes.

“I am advised that SAPOL [South Australia Police] is now finalising the procedures and processes needed to implement the proposal.”

In a newsletter to its members, SARTA Executive Director Steve Shearer says sharing such information is a positive step for the industry but comes with a price.

“Obviously if the police tell you about a drivers’ unsafe on-road behaviour, you will have to take notice and manage the problem to avoid repetition,” Shearer says.

“You can’t have your cake and eat it too.

“You have been asking for this for years and complaining about not knowing, so now you will know and you will need to respond accordingly and legally.

“So, dismissal will not be either an appropriate or a legal response in most instances.”

SARTA has been lobbying the State Government for 12 years to allow police to share such information with operators.

No start date for the scheme has been set yet.

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