$33.3 million committed to reducing Victorian road deaths

New funding for the Black Spot Program will improve safety measures at 56 dangerous crash sites across Victoria 

The Victorian government has committed $33.3 million to improve 56 known crash sites under the 2024-25 Black Spot Program, following the program’s increased federal budgeting from $110 million to $150 million per year. 

The Black Spot Program funds a range of safety measures at locations where serious crashes have occurred or are at risk of occurring.  

A variety of safety measures are being implemented with the new investment, including traffic lights, safety barriers, line marking and pedestrian safety treatments in the face of a worsening national road death toll. 

Assistant federal minister for transport and infrastructure Carol Brown says the funding will help build a future where road deaths become totally prevented. 

“Every death on Victorian roads is a tragedy and could have been avoided,” Brown says. 

“Local communities know where their most dangerous road locations are and their ability to nominate projects under this program and work with state and local experts in reviewing nominations is why this program is so successful.” 

Brown also urged Victorians to continue to nominate sites for the Black Spot Program. 

“I strongly encourage individuals, organisations and local governments to nominate sites in their local communities for consideration in the next round of funding.” 

A total of 300 crashes have occurred at the 56 sites selected for improvement under the latest round of Black Spot funding, in the past five years to 2021. 

The sites range from locations including Mildura, Shepparton, Gippsland and east Melbourne. 

Chair of the Victorian Black Spot consultative panel Lisa Chesters says the program is proven to increase the safety of selected sites. 

“These figures make a clear case for the safety improvements we’re announcing today,” Chesters says. 

“I know there is more work to be done and encourage anyone who knows of a dangerous road location near them to consider submitting a nomination for future funding rounds. 

“The bureau of infrastructure, transport and regional economics has found Black Spot projects reduce the number of crashes causing death and injury by 30 per cent on average.” 

Key projects included in the funding are the installation of a single-lane roundabout for Macarthur Street and Lansdowne Street in Sale, the installation of safety barriers and widening of the road at Calder Highway and Belar Avenue in Irymple, and the reduction of speed limit and resulting signage for Eramosa Road and Graf Road in Somerville. 



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