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1-Stop gains ContainerSpace for depot platform

Container services firm signs up for depot, modal and VBS


Container logistics system operator 1-Stop signs up Melbourne container services firm ContainerSpace in what is seen as a boon for all concerned.

Brooklyn-based ContainerSpace is to implement 1-Stop’s Depot Platform, including the Depot Operating System, 1-Stop Modal and 1-Stop’s flagship product, the Vehicle Booking System (VBS) on 1.

“With this new partnership, 1-Stop and ContainerSpace will be bringing an unprecedented increase in connection and visibility across the supply chain. 1-Stop Modal will provide ContainerSpace with complete eIDO [electronic import delivery orders] integration with 100 per cent of all shipping lines that visit Australia, reducing the need for paper forms and manual data entry,” 1-Stop says.

“Carriers visiting other terminals and depots in Victoria will use one single booking system for all their planning, booking and pick-up/drop-off requirements.

“This means that for all container movements at ContainerSpace from 1 December, a time slot will need to be booked via the 1-Stop VBS.

“Transport operators who have access to other VBS sites in Victoria will automatically receive access to ContainerSpace in mid-November.

“Transport operators who have not used 1-Stops VBS previously will need to register. Further information on the registration process will be sent shortly.”

Container Transport Alliance Australia (CTAA) gives the move the thumbs up.

“1-Stop MODAL is a fully integrated solution with the existing 1-Stop VBS platform, meaning that fleet controllers (allocators) will be very familiar with using this single booking system for their planning,” CTAA director  Neil Chambers observes, backing 1-Stop’s comments on eIDOs.

“Having this electronic data readily available will reduce the manual data entry task for Containerspace and transport operators alike. This should eliminate the unproductive need for transport operators to provide paper or email verification of import empty de-hire location.”

“In terms of Containerspace, who handle empty containers for shipping lines such as Evergreen, this will be a big bonus and should reduce operational administration considerably. We certainly look forward to working with Containerspace to drive truck processing and turnaround time efficiencies through paperless gate entry.”

“In fact, the use of the 1-Stop platform for terminal and empty container park entry will increase information visibility across the supply chain for containers transacted on the platform.”

“CTAA also welcomes the commitment of 1-Stop to continue to provide 21 days’ credit terms for 1-Stop Modal VBS invoices. In the current economic climate where cash-flow is a key concern, it is heartening that 1-Stop and their empty container park clients have recognised the need for appropriate credit terms.”

“There will be the option to pay the Modal VBS invoices via 1-Stop’s existing payment platform ComPay or via electronic funds transfer (EFT).”


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